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  1. View File Steam Login Method INFO Cu acest plugin puteți implementa logarea pe forum cu contul de steam. TESTAT pe IPB 4.3.4 și 4.3.3, dar ar trebui să funcționeze o orice versiune 4.3.x INSTALARE 1. Intrați în ACP 2. Accesați Applications și instalați pluginul 3. Accesați System --> Login & Registration ---> Create New 4. Selectați STEAM Submitter Mr. Lucifer Submitted 10/12/2018 Category IPB 4.X  
  2. Mr. Lucifer

    Cerere DNS - SAMP

    EDIT: Categoriile sunt facute, dns-ul va fi adaugat mai pe seara
  3. Mr. Lucifer

    [UN-GLONT] - Cerere Parteneriat

  4. Mr. Lucifer

    [UN-GLONT] - Cerere Parteneriat

    Aveti 24h la dispozitie sa adaugati minibannerul nostru: <a href="https://www.gamelive.ro/forum"><img src="https://www.gamelive.ro/100x31.gif" mce_src="https://www.gamelive.ro/88x31.gif" title="Gamelive Romania"></a>
  5. Mr. Lucifer

    Parteneriat DevilArena.Ro

    Aveti 24h la dispozitie sa adaugati si voi minibannerul nostru: <a href="https://www.gamelive.ro/forum"><img src="https://www.gamelive.ro/100x31.gif" mce_src="https://www.gamelive.ro/88x31.gif" title="Gamelive Romania"></a>
  6. Mr. Lucifer

    Cadou MrLucifer

    Mersi ! :)
  7. Mr. Lucifer

    Reclamatie MoTaNeL

    1. Nu a incalcat nici o regula de pe forum. 2. Actiunile sale (cu privire la serverul detinut) sunt justificate 3. Warn-ul l-a dat pe merit. In concluzie, si-a exercitat atributiile de pe forum in mod corect, aplicand regulamentul.
  8. View File Application Forms Application Forms opens up a world of possibility for you and your community by designing, curating, and managing custom application forms. Application forms can be designed from scratch with an infinite number of custom field types in over 20 different types, enabling you to fill any need you or your community might have. Let your community submit their application for your position, proposal, project, or idea! Do you want to harness the power of your community for brainstorming ideas? Do you want to run contests where everyone must follow the same guidelines? Are you looking for way to interview new clanmates or members? Do you require a background check on new staff members? Do you want to receive new proposals that follow a structured template? If you need a way to ultimately manage user input in a methodical and orderly manner, then Application Forms is the best way to do it. Instead of wasting your time with forum posts where users may or may not follow your posting guidelines, require and draft a custom submission where users must follow your specifications. Field Types Application Forms features deep integration with native IPS functionality, giving you the design macro of all of Invision's custom field types: Address Checkbox Code Color Date Editor Email Address Member Number Password Poll Radio Rating Select Box Telephone Number Text Text Area Upload URL Features Application Forms lets you design an unlimited number of application forms with an unlimited number of fields. First define an application with advanced settings to describe the application and integrate into the rest of the suite. Then add new custom fields with the click of a button, drag-and-drop to rearrange, require certain fields, and define extra settings such as allowing multiple values on certain field types. Unlimited number of Forms Unlimited number of fields in each Form View all submissions in a table log From the table log, directly edit or PM the member Auto-link any new form to a new Forum Topic Auto-create a poll so your users can vote in the topic Only allow members to apply once Define member benefits such as promoting to a new membergroup Moderate Submissions in the ModCP Submitter Mr. Lucifer Submitted 04/13/2018 Category IPB 4.X  
  9. View File Members Social Info 1.0.7 Let your members set their social profile links and show them on their profiles, topic posts and hover card as a choice of stacked font-awesome icons or normal font-awesome icons or upload your own icons, each icon is clickable to open a new window to their selected link Plugin Settings Choose what user groups can use Members Social Info Choose what user groups can see the Members Social Info icons Enable or disable each social link from being accessed by members Choose the font-awesome icon for each social link Select 3 different styles of the icons from normal to square to round or UPLOAD your own icons Hide the member social icons from the topics, hover card or the profile blocks Choose to display the member social icons on either the members user info panel or the members posts Choose to display the members social icons at the top or bottom of the members profile blocks Admin/Moderator Settings (Member Profile Edit Settings) Manually add / edit the users Member Social Info in their profile edit settings (If the mod has edit permissions) Social Links Included So Far Facebook Twitter Google YouTube GitHub Steam Instagram LinkedIn Skype Website Twitch Odnoklassniki vKontakte Discord Reddit Vine Vidme Snapchat Smashcast PlayStation Xbox Origin Displays Where? On the users posts and topics in the user info panel or at the bottom of their posts On their profile as a block On their hover card at the bottom of the info list How To Install Go to your admin panel and plugins then install the downloaded .xml file Version Compatibility 4.1.x 4.2.x Submitter Mr. Lucifer Submitted 04/09/2018 Category IPB 4.X  
  10. View File (HQ4) Shoutcast Radio 1.1.1 Show off your Shoutcast v1 & v2 Internet Radio station(s) on your community with this widget. The Shoutcast Radio widget only takes a moment to setup and whenever you start streaming music through your Shoutcast server this widget will show that it's online with addition details such as current listeners, song name, genre & stream links. Easy to setup. Widget works with both head/footer and sidebar zones. Select which groups can view the block Add multiple radio stations Shows radio details such as current song, current listeners and genre. Easy stream links for iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, QuickTime & Real Player. IPS 4.0 Final Shoutcast v1 & v2 servers. Submitter Mr. Lucifer Submitted 04/09/2018 Category IPB 4.X  
  11. Mr. Lucifer

    Cerere grad Ionut.

    Acceptat. Vreau sa vad activitate. Spor la treaba.
  12. Mr. Lucifer

    Cerere rank

    Prezentare - 0 Activitate - 0 Posturi - 1 => contra din partea mea Administrator se ia prin munca, vechime si experienta. @KARDILAKT @Andrei @PRO^aka~W0lfie~D00f astept si parerile voastre
  13. Mr. Lucifer

    Cerere schimbare UserName

    Acceptat. Topic închis.
  14. Această secțiune este destinat Administratorilor. Ei vor hotărâ cine merită o promovare sau o degradare. Toate promovarile, respectiv degradarile se vor posta in acest topic, fara a se mai crea cate unul in parte Va las mai jos un model de postare [Promovari] Promovare @Andrei in functia de Analizator. Motiv : [Degradari] Degradare @Andrei din functia de Administrator. Motiv :
  15. Mr. Lucifer

    [Model] Cerere Warn

    Crezi că cineva a încălcat regulamentul? Raportează-l și avem noi grijă de el. Cine dorești să primească Warn : Motivul : Dovadă :

GameLive /:love ,creat din extorsiunea produsă de transformarea unei anumite Coalitii /angrydevil ,care a dus la împărțirea fragmentată. Gamelive e tărâmul online de împușcat /:smirk, adecvat spiritului de gamer /:v ,în proporții scăzute sau ridicate, depinde de fiecare în felul său cum osclizează, prezent într-un cadru și o formă, unică, neplagiată și originală din fiecare punct de vedere, rulând sub o formă de prezentare [pH] />:). Luând amploare, ca urmare GameLive /:arrowheart


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